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Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Daisy Payne

We've long since heard about the perils of toxic skin care and cleaning products.  The overuse of harsh chemicals can lead to  many health issues.  It was last year when listening to a Luke Storey podcast that we decided to start to make some lasting changes to the products that we were using on and around our skin.

Switching to natural body moisturisers and using homemade oils instead of paraben-laden creams was easy, As was was indulging in all-organic ingredient facial mists and toners -  our skin seemed to  beam when we made these changes. A more  difficult shift to make though  was to  natural deodorant. And this is arguably one of the most important ones,  Mass market deodorants are laden with parabens and metals such as aluminium that are said to pool around the underarms and breast tissue area, with no way to exit the body due to us girls wearing bra's - which has been documented as leading to breast cancer.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 14.17.27.png

There is already a huge market for 'all-natural/organic' deodorant, with many new brands popping up it was a hard one to judge without trying them all. They seem to promise the world, to keep you smelling fresh the all natural way, all day. Alas, not all natural deo's are born equal. We tried and tested a total of 15 different types, none of which offered the protection we have become accustomed to.

Then along came a little online recommendation of an American brand called Schmidt's. We searched high and low for a UK seller, and low and behold - finally we found an all natural brand that works! They come in a variety of scents, so far we've tried the , Charcoal + Magnesium which was the best at keeping you feeling super fresh all day, and the Cedarwood + Juniper- a scent took us back to dessert roaming in Joshua Tree (what more could you ask for from a deodrant really?)

Like all skincare, what works for one person will have a different outcome for another , but we couldn't be happier with this little find - so next time you're looking for a new brand to try - give Schmidt's a go and let us know how you get on.

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