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Dr. Tung's

Daisy Payne

Ooh the flossy, flossy

Discovered on a whistle-stop tour of LA we took back in 201 for Expo West, Dr Tung’s floss is so good that we even bought it back for floss loving friends… (who’ve then gone on to buy it online in bulk). If you’re a floss fanatic you’ll appreciate the multi-stringiness of Dr Tungs, probably not the technical term but where most normal floss is one individual string of tape this is made of many textured strands that seem to swell up between the teeth.

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For a seriously upgraded teeth cleaning experience combine with a good old tongue scrape. Sound sexy? It is. The tongue is one of the largest lymphs in the body and scraping it daily can help drain toxins. Follow with a glass of water.

Find Dr. Tung's scraper here