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Raw Cake : London


Beetroot Banana Bliss Balls

Daisy Payne


These pinky beauties are a delicious take on the bliss ball, energy ball, miracle ball, whatever you like to call them. I designed these for my busy days running around after my baby when I just don’t give myself a second to eat. Banana is my all time fave snack, and I love the earthy flavour of beetroot, so I wanted to incorporate them into a simple but filling energy fix. These aren’t too sweet, they’re just the right amount of earthy + nutty with a light hint of banana.

Ball Recipe

3/4 small banana

1 cup - almonds

3/4 cup - oats

1/2 cup - dates

1 tsp - beetroot powder (my fave brand)

Dusting (optional)

Beetroot powder - 2 tsp (my fave brand)

Coconut sugar - 2 tbsp

Blend all ingredients for the ball in a food processor, if you prefer a fine texture then blend oats first into a finer flour-like consistency, then add the rest of the ingredients and pulse until combined. I left mine a little more coarse by blending all ingredients at the same time. The banana will stick everything together nicely, so scrape down the sides a few times to make sure everything blends well.

Roll into balls between the palms of your hands, deciding how large you’d like to roll yours (how hangry do you tend to get in the day? I made mine large..)

To make coating, blend coconut sugar and beetroot powder together in your food processor and roll balls until covered.

Refrigerate until slightly firm. Makes 6 x large, or 10 x small.