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Raw Cake : London


Beautiful Bundles of Raw Cake

Daisy Payne

raw vegan cake squares open box.jpg

We founded The Hardihood on an inkling in 2014. Without market research or much of a plan we raised a finger to the wind and felt that there could only be more people who, like us, wanted to have their cake and eat it. Tired of trading taste and decadence in favour of wholesome ingredients we concluded that there must be away to make desserts both nutritious and exciting.

Our signature raw dessert squares were the result of this. Square, because we wanted to challenge the connotation of your classic cheesecake in more way’s more than simply not using cheese.

Back in the day before we found a factory who could help us out we’d blend, set, mark and cut around 500 of these little beauties a week. Everything from finding the perfect square, loose bottom, sharp angled tins to using a ruler to measure the size of our squares to the millimetre has been a journey. Trust us, it’s not easy to cut 25cm lines this straight.

Why are we telling you all of this? Because our signature Raw Cake squares are now available to buy in a beautifully bundled up assortment box. Perfect for forgotten birthdays, bosses who need sweetening up, dinner party contributions or an afternoon treat that you won’t be sharing.

Order for same day delivery to London zones 1-2.