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Activated Charcoal Cooler

Daisy Payne

Black food was given ‘food trend of the year’ status in 2017, one to watch, they said. We’ve built a business and written a book on the art of dairy-free cheesecakes (crafted from cashews and coconut oil, no less) so it’s fair to say that we’re au fait to a little novelty nourishment. Activated charcoal however, isn’t a fad. When it was suspected that Leah’s dog had consumed rat poison at a friends BBQ recently, charcoal was the first cure the vet prescribed. A powerful antioxidant, charcoal has been charged with the task of tackling poison for centuries. It works by binding with toxins in the stomach and eliminating them before they’re absorbed. In less dramatic, day to day life we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how charcoal acts an instant energizer, clearing your head of whatever has been causing fogginess; particularly pesticides from food, air pollution and histamines. When life gives you lemons… add charcoal.

Activated Charcoal Cooler

1 tsp activated charcoal powder - click for our favourite brand

1/2 lemon juice

1 inch knob ginger - chopped

sparkling or filtered water

Add all ingredients into a tea pot, and fill to the top with your choice of water. Let the ginger infuse for a couple of minutes and pour.