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invest in the hardihood

We're raising £150k in exchange for 13.04% equity in The Hardihood. Join CrowdCube now to become an investor.

Since giving up refined sugar in 2015, The Hardihood has been on a mission to build the most delicious, exciting, natural dessert brand – using only plant-based ingredients.

From kitchen table start-up to listings in over 30 stores including Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Selfridges, Harrods, Daylesford and a leading online supermarket (coming soon!). We’ve bootstrapped our way to 3,500 bespoke cake sales, 55,000 packaged cakes and on plan to ship over 80,000 Good Puds this year, but the journey is just getting started. 

By 2021 we want every supermarket to carry a Hardihood all-natural, vegan option that is delicious and exciting enough to give mainstream desserts a run for their money.

It’s an ambitious vision, but the vegan population has increased by 350% in the last decade, retailers are taking note and creating space for this new category. All indications suggest that now is the time to sprint at this market opportunity.

We’ve spent the last three years building the perfect brand to do just this and now plan to raise a minimum of £150,000 on CrowdCube to expand our production, our team and activate our sales and marketing plans.


Investments can be as little as £10, its these entry point investments that keep the campaign at the top of the page on CrowdCube so literally everyone is involved in the effort, no matter how much they’d like to invest.

To put it in perspective if everyone who'd bought a Hardihood product invested £10, we’d over fund 5 times over! Of course, if you're a seasoned investor or owning a larger stake of our rapidly growing business excites you then you can invest up to the full amount. The choice is yours, we’re just appreciative to be able to bring our community on board for this exciting phase of our journey.  It’s going to be an incredible adventure bringing The Hardihood to the masses.

Insider tip :  if you’re keen we'd say make sure you’re signed up to Crowdcube in advance, it's quick and easy, taking maximum 5 minutes.  We've heard of brands who have raised incredibly quickly (fingers crossed!) leaving their community dissapointed that they weren't able to pledge in time.



Grow our team

We've bootstrapped our business with founders Daisy and Leah undertaking every single role in the business so far. With the business growing rapidly and the vegan market taking off we know that now is the time to build a world-class team of entrepreneurial-minded innovators. We have a clear strategy for how increased work force will optimize revenue and output and we can't  wait to start making exciting key hires.

Enable us to take on larger stockists

We have some very exciting new business in the pipeline, meaning that volumes will increase significantly. Buying ingredients and packaging in bulk means that the cost of the products is reduced, but it also means that we'll need to have initial funds in the bank to finance this.

Marketing activation

Our online community is energetic and growing, but we know that there are so many more of you, who, just like us want to feel good whilst enjoying the sweeter things in life. We're committed to making sure that the 58% of people looking for healthy alternatives have the opportunity to connect with our brand and products in a way that inspires, excites and feels good and have a detailed plan for making this happen.

New Products

Innovation is at the heart of our mission and the foundations on which our business was built. We will continue to push the limits of natural ingredients to create exciting, delicious indulgences. We have two product launches planned over the next 18 months and both play on the nostalgia we felt for a good old-fashioned dessert when giving up refined sugar, they’re cult-favourites – only made better. You’re going to love them.